Benefits to Choosing Ohio State East Emergency Room for Care

Benefits to Choosing Ohio State East Emergency Room for Care

  • Robert Cooper MD, MBA, MPH, CHCQM; Medical Director, OSU Health Plan
  • July, 2019
  • Health & Wellness
Ohio State Hospital East Hospital offers quality care, shorter waits, close parking, and more.

When you’re in need of emergency care, there are several options available throughout Central Ohio. As OSU Health Plan Medical Director and an emergency physician, I’m a firm believer that you should choose an Ohio State Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) emergency department for your care. The emergency department at Ohio State’s University Hospital can get crowded, so I want to make sure you know about the wonderful care available in the emergency department at Ohio State East Hospital.

When I first started working shifts as a resident at the East Hospital emergency room, people thought of it as the little brother of University Hospital. In the last few years, the East Hospital emergency department has grown dramatically and now is a designated trauma center with 29 rooms. The same clinicians who work at University Hospital also work in the East Hospital emergency department. The nursing staff is experienced, compassionate and efficient. I’m always happy when OSU Health Plan members come to East Hospital because I know they’ll have a good experience.

The shorter wait times and free parking right outside the waiting room are another reason to seek care at East Hospital. If you need to see a specialist in the emergency department or be admitted, all of the same services offered at University Hospital are available at East Hospital with the exception of OBGYN, neurosurgery, and ophthalmology. Finally, I can’t stress the importance of the integrated care available at OSUWMC emergency departments. It’s so important for the emergency department team to be able to see your OSUWMC medical records and to easily communicate with your physicians electronically.

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