George Richards Testimonial

George Richards

­George Richards Testimonial

I have been working with my Health Coach, Jenny Pitcher, for more than two years, and I have to admit that I am much better than I was when we started. My weight was over 170 pounds, and I was not doing any regular exercise. As a result, I was in pain a lot and couldn’t do as many things as I once could, especially without extra effort.

I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate having Jenny Pitcher as my Care Coordinator. She is always encouraging me and looking for things to celebrate in my journey to better health. She finds ways to get around roadblocks I seem to encounter (or create myself). She is persistently positive with me and keeps reminding me to avoid dwelling on the negative aspects of things in my life. She helps me think in terms of concrete process steps on the way to a goal, instead of talking about what I plan to do or where I want to be without making any commitment to get there. Whenever she finds that the steps I said I would take are not working for me (that is, I’m not taking the steps), she always comes up with an alternative approach to help me get where we both agreed I should go. She does all this while taking other things in my life into consideration, such as retirement, my age, allergies, etc. She always leaves me with something I should do or a goal I should achieve by the time we talk again.

Jenny started working with me on a set of exercises I could do at home. When she figured out that it was not working for me to do things on my own, she encouraged me to see what I could do for exercise at Columbus State, where I teach part-time. As a consequence, two summers ago I began an exercise program there once a week, working with a personal trainer. Then, as she found that I was not able to get myself to do supplemental exercises on my ”off” days, Jenny suggested an alternative or two for me to get more involvement. Now I work out at Columbus State two days a week, and starting the first of January 2014, I will begin working out three days a week with the same personal trainer. My weight was around 165 without any particular emphasis on diet, but I have crept back up around 170 and need to watch the holiday eating situation. I still have some pain, but I am stronger now; also, I know that I will always have some amount of discomfort due to my age and arthritic involvement.

I had set a goal to be able to dead-lift my weight by the end of autumn semester this year. I accomplished this before Thanksgiving, as I lifted 180 pounds once. Since then, I have backed off the “extreme” lifting in favor of repeated sets of lifts at a lighter weight. Last week I lifted 140 pounds for three sets of six to eight lifts per set. I’ve never been able to do this before!

I always look forward to Jenny’s calls, now monthly for the most part. I am carrying on the exercise program on my own, and I continually watch my diet. I know there are many things I can do better, and I’m sure Jenny will be helping me to do them over time.

Again, I really appreciate having Jenny on my health team as my planner, encourager, prodder, and celebratory leader.

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