Walking has many health benefits.

Sticking to a regular walking program can increase your overall energy level, improve your cardiovascular health, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

For maximum gain:


  • Lean slightly forward-from the ankles, not the waist. Leaning from the waist will only tire your back and make breathing harder. Keep your head level and chin up.

Arm Swing

  • This makes walking a total body activity. Keep your elbows firmly bent at a 90-degree angle, and swing from the shoulder. Your hand should end its forward swing at breastbone height. On the backswing, if you are moving fast, the upper arm is almost parallel to the ground.


  • Make your stride long and smooth. Keep your supporting leg straight as your body passes over it, and let the hip rise and relax.
  • As that leg moves to the rear, keep its foot on the ground as long as possible before pushing off.

Dress for success

If it is hot, wear light colors, a hat or visor, and do not forget sunscreen! In cold weather, dress in layers for warmth - once you get moving, you will probably heat up.

Longevity, aging, and exercise

  • Strength
    THE AGING EFFECT: Muscles atrophy and shrink in size; strength declines.
    THE EXERCISE EFFECT: Physical activity helps maintain muscle mass and strength.
  • Bone Density
    THE AGING EFFECT: Bones demineralize as calcium leaches out. Skeletal system shrinks. Posture becomes hunched. Bones fracture easily.
    THE EXERCISE EFFECT: Weight bearing and resistance-type exercise helps stress and strengthen bones to reduce the risks of osteoporosis.
  • Flexibility
    THE AGING EFFECT: Muscles and joints lose elasticity; joints tighten and range of motion decreases.
    THE EXERCISE EFFECT: Exercise helps break down restrictive side chains, providing more flexibility and range of motion.
  • Heart Health
    THE AGING EFFECT: Coronary arteries lose their elasticity and capacity to circulate blood and oxygen.
    THE EXERCISE EFFECT: Exercise helps massage blood vessels to maintain elasticity; exercise improves HDL (good cholesterol) : LDL (bad cholesterol) ratio to reduce and possibly reverse clogging of arteries.

Try These Walking Paths


Battelle Loop
1.4 mile(s)

Fawcett Center Loop
1 mile(s)

Fisher College of Business Loop
1.19 mile(s)

Lane Ave Loop
1.07 mile(s)

Medical Center Loop
1.24 mile(s)

Oval Loop
0.93 mile(s)

Lincoln Tower Loop
1.44 mile(s)

Chadwick South Garden Loop
1.11 mile(s)

Chadwick North Loop
1.82 mile(s)

Buckeye Path To Wellness

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