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As an OSU Health Plan member, you have access to a wide variety of health and wellness classes, recordings and events all year long. Take advantage of all that’s available to you! It can do wonders for your wellness.

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Financial Wellness
5 Critical Aspects of Financial Wellness
Join us and get a jump on your personal financial wellness by reviewing several of the most important concepts to achieving financial success and a sound retirement. While there are many aspects that are needed to attain and maintain a successful financial outcome, in this program we will review what we feel are the top 5 aspects every employee needs to be aware of to feel confident they are doing what they need to be successful. The 5 topics we will review include Creating a sound budget, Financial independence projections, Managing critical life events, Understanding employer & government benefits & Estate planning basics.
January 10, 2019 • Jay Lindner
Active Living
Kick off New Year Right with Wellness
" The new year is great time to revisit our goals from the previous year. Are you where you want to be or is there something that you could be doing a little more to help you to reach your goals? Join Health Coach Michael as we discuss tips to help get motivated and keep your goals fresh in your mind during the new year. "
January 9, 2019 • Michael Bramlish
Parenting & Family
Breastfeeding and Tummy Time
Breastfeeding is a foundational movement milestone no different than walking. It requires a lot of learning just like most other bodily functions. Tummy time can optimize breastfeeding, digestion and connection. Learn why, where and when to start while discovering how breastfeeding and tummy time are mutually beneficial!
January 1, 2019 • Allyson Wessells