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The Ohio State University Health Plan manages the healthcare insurance benefits and services offered to faculty and staff at The Ohio State University. By overseeing the many health and wellness resources available to members and giving them a single point of contact for all of their health plan needs, we make staying healthy a little bit easier.

We’re proud of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, who provides the highest quality health care to each and every patient, every time. Ohio State ranked #3 among 104 academic medical centers that were included in the 2014 UHC Quality and Accountability Study, based on delivering high-quality safe, efficient, patient-centered and equitable patient care. 

An alliance of 117 academic medical centers, University HealthSystem Consortium’s (UHC) mission is to create knowledge, foster collaboration, and promote innovation to help members succeed. UHC’s Quality and Accountability Study ranks AMCs for their performance across a range of key patient safety and quality indicators including mortality, effectiveness, safety, equity, patient centeredness, and efficiency.

In order to help you stay healthy we’ve partnered with Your Plan for Health (YP4H) and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. These partnerships give members of the OSU Health Plan access to tools, resources, programs, incentives, cost-efficient medical plan choices and hundreds of doctors, nurses, and other practitioners. But caring for your health happens every day, and extends well beyond the doctor’s office. That’s why the Plan also offers a wide range of health and wellness programs and services:

STRESS MANAGEMENT Guided imagery audio exercises are intended to help de-stress your life, declutter your mind, and help you get above the pressures of your life.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM When you are at a crossroads and need assistance overcoming life’s many obstacles at work and home, OSU EAP services is here to help.

CLASSES & EVENTS Our complimentary classes and events keep your mind and body healthy and active. Sign up today!

PERSONAL HEALTH COACHING Stay committed to health and become your best you with a personal health coach. If you’ve completed your personal health assessment, you could be eligible.

BUCKEYE BABY A new baby will change your life; get prepared and stay prepared for your new bundle of joy with our complimentary and confidential support.

MASSAGE THERAPY Build morale and relieve the stress in your department by scheduling chair massages for your employees.

BIOMETRIC HEALTH SCREENINGS Get healthy and stay healthy by obtaining your biometric health numbers. Schedule your screening today!

YOUR PLAN FOR HEALTH Enjoy a healthier, more productive life by participating in Your Plan for Health. YP4H offers many health-related challenges to keep you rewarded and motivated.

FLU VACCINATIONS Protect yourself and your family against the flu by getting an annual flu vaccine.

24/7 NURSELINE If you need medical advice in a hurry call our nurseline to talk with a registered nurse any day, any time.

PRIME ACCESS Getting you, the OSU Health Plan member, in to see a new healthcare provider in a timely fashion.

CONVENIENT CARE Sickness is never planned. Get the care you need when you need it by visiting one of our many urgent care providers.

CARE COORDINATION If you have a chronic illness, let one of our coordinators help you improve your health and well-being.

Senior Leadership Team

Kelly Hamilton, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Kelly Hamilton
CEO, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Tm Gessells, Director of Information Technology
Tom Gessells
Director of Information Technology
Stefanie Morrow, Director of Wellness and Health Coaching
Stefanie Morrow
Director, Wellness and Health Coaching
Laura Correale, Director of Quality Improvement and Informatics
Laura Correale
Senior Director, Clinical Operations
Kim Frericks
Director of Client and Member Services
Susan Meyer, Marketing/Communications
Susan Meyer
Director of Marketing, Communications and Customer Service
Greg Wilson, Director, Pharmacy Benefit Services
Greg Wilson
Director of Pharmacy Benefit Services/Data Analytics/Compliance
Ted Thomas
RxOC Director
Dr. Rob Cooper
Medical Director
John Kasey
Director of Business Operations
Amanda Bain
Director of Pharmacy and Care Management
RX Ohio

The Rx Ohio Collaborative (RxOC) is an expanding benefit initiative for employers to save on prescription drug costs at both the institutional and consumer level.

Combining the benefits of plan independence and scale, the Rx Ohio Collaborative (RxOC) is working to reshape the delivery of the pharmacy benefit. Extending its buying power to self-insured employee health plans, the RxOC is focused on improving value in prescription drug use by driving down the cost of drugs while helping to improve health outcomes.

Beyond cost savings, the RxOC has developed a forum for creating strategies focused on positively impacting patient health and influencing the health care system to benefit participants and plan sponsors.

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Ohio PPO Connect Logo

Ohio PPO Connect is a statewide PPO network sponsored by three leading provider owned networks (Ohio Health Choice, Quality Care Partners, The Ohio State University Health Plan). The network offers a wide selection of participating hospitals/physicians/ancillaries, and carrier competitive discounts to their contracted employer groups. Ohio PPO Connect offers Third Party Administrators and broker/consultants a complete independent PPO network option for self-funded employers who have employees throughout the state of Ohio. Whether an employer has multiple worksite locations or employees working from home remotely, more and more self-funded employers are finding the need for a seamless, cost-effective, reliable statewide solution.

As a partner of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and a provider to Your Plan for Health, we are helping the greatest university on earth promote better health and wellness – one plan member at a time.

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If you want to learn more about the Health Plan, we would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions.

If you want to learn more about the health plan we would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions.

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