Prime access

Prime Access


Scheduling an appointment with a new healthcare provider can sometimes be difficult and require patients to wait weeks. Prime Access is about getting Ohio State Health Plan Member in to see a new healthcare provider more quickly. 

Timely appointments for the care you need

Prime Access allows Ohio State Health Plan members to schedule new healthcare provider appointments in a timely fashion, in most cases within two to three weeks. When you're looking for a new doctor, let Prime Access go to work for you.

In order to access an appointment held for Health Plan members when you're looking for a new provider, simply call the department and let the scheduler know that you are a member.

How long does it usually take to get in to see a new healthcare provider?

It typically takes four to six weeks to get in to see a healthcare provider as a new patient. We think that’s too long. And that's why we developed Prime Access for our Health Plan members.

We can’t always promise two to three weeks, but we’re doing everything we can to minimize Health Plan member wait times.

Prime Access Participating Specialties

With the exception of physical therapy, transplant, and oncology, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has designated spots held for Health Plan members. When a member calls to schedule an appointment, the scheduler will access the first available spot for them.

Departments offering Prime Access include:

  • Bariatric Surgery - (614) 366-6675   
  • Behavior Health 
  • Dermatology - (614) 293-1707
  • Endocrinology - (614) 685-3333
  • ENT - (614) 366-3687
  • Family Medicine
  • GIM Return
  • General/Colorectal Surgery, Burn, Trauma Surgery, and Wound
  • Gastroenterology/Endoscopy 
  • Heart and Vascular 
  • Hand, Orthopedic, Podiatry, and Sports Medicine
  • Infectious Disease - (614) 293-4854
  • Nephrology - (614) 293-4837
  • Neurology - (614) 293-4969
  • Neuromodulation - (855) 255-0550
  • Neurosurgery - (614) 293-8714
  • New Patient - (614) 293-5123
  • Ophthalmology - (614) 293-8116
  • Pain Center - (614) 293-7246 
  • Plastic Surgery - (614) 293-8566
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - (614) 366-9211
  • Pulmonary/Sleep - (614) 293-4925
  • Radiology - (614) 293-4333
  • Rheumatology - (614) 293-4837
  • Spine - (614) 293-2225
  • Surgery - (614) 293-2300
  • Urology - (614) 293-8155
  • Women’s Health (Women’s Health, Maternal Fetal Med, OB/GYN, URO-GYN, McCampbell OBGYN) - (614) 293-2076


Please note: Information above is subject to change

Central Ohio Primary Care

Central Ohio Primary Care is part of the Ohio State Health Plan network. Specialties include COPC family medicine and general internal medicine physicians.

Ask about the Ohio State at COPC office now accepting new patients:

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