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Staying committed to health and wellness isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need a little guidance—someone to help you set goals, inspire you to reach them, and hold you accountable when you just don’t feel like making healthy choices.

As an OSU Health Plan member, you have access to free personal health coaching from a trained health professional. You will work with your coach to develop an action plan and strategies personalized for your specific health needs. Your coach will support you through regular phone sessions, and when needed, connect you to community resources to assist in your journey to better health.


All benefits-eligible faculty and staff and medical-plan-enrolled adult dependents are eligible for health coaching services. Participating in the Personal Health Coaching Program is completely voluntary and confidential. Only the OSU Health Plan, the home of the health coaches, will have access to your records. 

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Meet the members of the OSU Health Plan personal coaching team.

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Group Health Coaching

Interested in joining a group of fellow Buckeyes with common health interests and goals? Group Health Coaching is a great way to share your ideas, tips, and goals with others during a group session. Click here to learn more about upcoming programs and sign up (click on Group Health Coaching Session).  Click here if you would like a health coach to visit your department


As a partner of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and a provider to Your Plan for Health, we are helping the greatest university on earth promote better health and wellness – one plan member at a time.

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If you want to learn more about the Health Plan, we would love to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions.

If you want to learn more about the health plan we would love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions.

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