June 2, 2020
BetterHelp: Online EAP Counseling
Sharon Saia, LISW-S, CEAP

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) now has BetterHelp! BetterHelp joins the move towards telehealth now everywhere! Several months ago, telehealth was just in its infancy—a service you might have heard about but had never experienced. In fact, Chancellor Dr. Hal Paz has said The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center was using telehealth visits for 2% of its services for some time, but how things change quickly, because now telehealth accounts for 98% of all visits. BetterHelp is the largest online counseling service in 144 countries with over 5,000 therapists seeing clients through the service. BetterHelp uses video, text, phone and messaging platforms to provide counseling to individuals, couples and teenagers. BetterHelp utilizes State of Ohio licensed psychologists, social workers and counselors to provide therapy services in eight different languages. Some of the languages available are Spanish, Persian, Mandarin, English, and American Sign Language (ASL). Since linking to BetterHelp, EAP counseling takes only 24 hours and provides sessions that are flexible for ease of use for all employee work shifts. Employees, their benefits-eligible dependents, immediate household members, parents and parents-in-law can all use their five session EAP visits using BetterHelp. Mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, addiction, family conflict or parenting issues can all be addressed using BetterHelp. To get started, call your EAP at 800-678-6265, or if you prefer to start your counseling process on line, access our on line service request for counseling click here.

Photo credit: istockphoto.com