December 4, 2020
COVID-19 Is Surging: Protect Yourself
Robert Cooper, MD

We see COVID-19 patients every day in the Emergency Room, and yet we still became a little lax on our safety precautions. I know I was sometimes forgetting to put on my eye protection in a patient room or letting my mask sit below my nose when I’m documenting at a computer.

The increase in COVID-19 infections in Franklin County has been a wake-up call to all of us just how important it is to double down on hand hygiene and mask safety. Wearing your mask above your nose, washing your hands regularly, and making sure to avoid large gatherings will help prevent further spread. 

A thorough review of the evidence indicates that face masks protect others from spread of infection by intercepting large aerosol droplets that are released when exhaling, speaking, singing, coughing, or sneezing.

Face masks must be worn on Ohio State’s campuses, both inside and outside. Individuals must wear masks before entering indoor or enclosed spaces including, but not limited to classrooms, common areas, conference rooms, shared office spaces, hallways, buses, and shared vehicles. Exceptions for indoor settings include single occupancy of a dedicated office, while dining, and some approved athletic/performance settings. See the website listed below for any and all exceptions.

The university has compiled additional guidance regarding alternative masks, cleaning cloth face coverings and respectful mask compliance on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes Personal Protection and Hygiene page.


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