December 1, 2019
Cut Costs During the Holidays
Bonnie Wilhelm; Exercise Physiologist, ACE Health Coach

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people. Whether it be planning holiday celebrations, end of the year to-do lists, or balancing finances to complete those last-minute gift lists. Here are a few quick tips to help cut costs during the holiday season and put some extra cash back in your pockets.


Make Gatherings a Pot-Luck Affair: Planning out an entire holiday meal can become costly. Create a list and assign friends and family to bring drinks and dishes to share the cost. This will also help the host save time and reduce stress. 


Write Out Holiday Shopping Lists: Plan and determine who you will be buying gifts for. Be sure to include any holiday décor spending on your list, but set a budget. Remember gifts, cards and gift wrap that you may need for any holiday parties. Once you have your list, check it twice! Determine if anything on the list can be eliminated. 


Clean to Make Cash: With seasons changing, so do clothes. Clean out closets and sell clothes and shoes at thrift stores. Clean out playrooms and bookshelves as well. Sell any unwanted items and keep the cash for your gift list. 


Use Gift Cards: Throughout the year, purchase gift cards at the grocery store. This can help even out costs, even if you just purchase one a month. Most grocery stores also offer fuel points with gift card purchases. Remember to cash in your credit card rewards or bonuses that give cash back or gift cards. Also, don’t forget about earning Virgin Pulse Cash and purchase gift cards to shop for gifts.


Sign up for Rebates: Looks for phone applications that give you money back on your online purchases. RakutenIbotta, and Fetch Rewards are a few examples. Most of these apps also offer referral bonuses, so get friends and family to sign up too. 


Cut Back on Extras: The month leading up to the holidays, save money by skipping that morning latte or by packing meals to take to work, rather than dining out. Cancel any monthly memberships that aren’t being used. Eat evening meals at home. This can help to save money and allow you to spend time with family. 


Rethink Traditions: Look for free events in your area. Drive around with your family to look at holiday lights. Make a hot-cocoa bar at home. Find a sledding hill or ice skating rink to spend time with those close to you. 


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