March 7, 2024
Emotional Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning
Helka Casey, LPCC-S, CEAP, Ohio State University Employee Assistance Program

I don’t know about you, but these intermittent warmer and sunnier days have jump-started my desire to launch into spring cleaning. The change of the seasons brings on a feeling of permission or earthly opportunity to refresh and restart. Amid the decluttering, deep cleaning, and preparing outside spaces for warmer weather living, I find my mood uplifting from the hazy shades of winter and feel more motivation.

The change in seasons is a temporal landmark, a moment in time that signifies transition. These moments in time can be accompanied by surges of motivation and perceived as an opportunity to renew. With the spring transition, a feeling of hope comes alive.

Why do we feel better when we engage in spring cleaning? Well, there is a parallel process that occurs. Have you ever noticed that when you focus on clearing up some clutter or cleaning your space, you experience more clarity, better focus, and a sense of accomplishment? Often our physical environment mirrors how we are feeling and our state of mind. It can be helpful to put our efforts externally by tackling the clutter in our space. With each cleared area, whether it’s a drawer or the entire room, being surrounded by a cleaner and more organized space can provide a sense of control, feelings of accomplishment, and ultimately improve your mood.

Embrace spring cleaning this year and all the benefits for your mental and emotional health. Below are some great articles with additional information on the benefits of spring cleaning and tips on decluttering:

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