November 3, 2019
Lifting Weights Safely
Adam Roberts, Exercise Physiologist, CTTS

We know that weight lifting helps build lean muscle and increases your bone density. So why doesn’t everyone lift weights? A misconception is that weight lifting can make you bulky versus toned. Many factors play a part in what you can look like aesthetically. Some people are nervous in their surroundings at the gym. The regulars may seem intimidating and may hog the equipment sometimes. A common reason most people don’t lift weights is that they are unfamiliar with how to lift properly. Consider the following tips to boost your weight lifting confidence.

  • Lift with a spotter. Lifting with someone adds to your support and accountability system, but it allows you to push harder with a safety net. There is also strength in numbers when navigating through the gym.
  • Learn proper form and technique. Using exercise databases will help you select your lifts before getting to the gym and can teach you more about the movements. This will also help you avoid injuries from lifting improperly.
  • Keep it simple. Gyms offer fancy equipment but some of the most effective workouts can be executed with very few items and machines. You can be comfortable with what you know while also challenging yourself to reach a new fitness level.
  • Breathing is good. Many lifters are tempted to hold their breath when performing an exercise. Breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in when you lower the weight. Choose the weight that’s right for you. Sometimes we lift with our egos and sometimes we just don’t know what weight to use for new exercises. Start light and build your resistance with each set. This isn’t just smart it’s also a technique called “progressive overloading”.

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