March 7, 2024
Meet the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Team
Jodie Leister LPCC-S, CEAP; Ohio State Employee Assistance Program

Since 2011, the Ohio State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has operated as a hybrid EAP, leveraging an imbedded internal EAP team of highly trained mental health professionals with expertise in all things Ohio State, and an external EAP partner, Impact Solutions, to provide comprehensive and wholistic support to employees and their loved ones.

Meet the Team

The Ohio State Internal EAP is comprised of four Employee Assistance Program professionals, offering individual counseling, critical incident response, and education workshops and workshop series focused on work-related interpersonal skills and mental and behavioral well-being.

Jodie Leister LPCC-S, CEAP EAP Director

Jodie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor and a Certified Employee Assistance Professional. She joined the Ohio State EAP in 2015 and was promoted to program Director in May 2023. Jodie is passionate about the work the EAP does in supporting employees’ mental health and well-being in the workplace, focusing on collaboration across the organization and creating work environments that support the needs of every person and the needs of Ohio State University.

Helka Casey LPCC-S, CEAP, Senior EAP Clinician

Helka is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor and recently obtained her certification as an Employee Assistance Program Professional. She has been with the Ohio State EAP since 2019. She uses her clinical experience to assist clients to reorient themselves to more self-understanding and self-acceptance. She really enjoys facilitating EAP workshops and introducing people to new perspectives and new skills to manage the human experience.

Suzanne Vickers LISW-S, EAP Clinician

Suzanne is a Licensed Independent Social Worker Supervisor and has been with the Ohio State EAP since 2018. She employs compassion and creativity when helping others navigate their paths in life and finding new ways to approach difficult situations. She especially likes working with adults who are facing loss and grief, work/life transitions, anxiety, and self-perception issues.

Tyler McGuire LISW, EAP Clinician

Tyler is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and has been with the Ohio State EAP since June 2023. Tyler uses his passion for people and personal development in his clinical practice by helping others work through guilt and shame as they move through life’s challenges.

If you are interested in utilizing your EAP benefit with one of the internal EAP clinicians, reach out to get the process started. You can get connected for counseling online at or via phone by calling 800-678-6265.