April 3, 2020
Resilience in Light of the Coronavirus Epidemic
Sharon Saia, MSW, LISW-S, CEAP

Our last newsletter didn’t see this lesson coming—we didn’t know there would be an opening to build resilience skills, not just personally but also professionally and organizationally. COVID-19 is providing the opportunity to flex all my resilience skills: embracing challenges, adapting quickly, persevering, and having a growth mindset. If there is an upside to the COVID-19 resilience challenge, it is this…socially connecting, using our support systems, and physically distancing. I have seen The Ohio State University community come together during this pandemic to benefit our city, university, healthcare providers, and each other. Through collaboration with the Office of Human Resources and partnership with our Chief Wellness Officer, we’ve provided websites and resources to help you through this time and work towards our goal of keeping well. Nurturing our relationships and building our connections are the skills we can all learn together as we brave this virus and this time of uncertainty.