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As an OSU Health Plan member, you have access to a wide variety of health and wellness classes, recordings and events all year long. Take advantage of all that’s available to you! It can do wonders for your wellness.

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Active Living
Self-Care for Your Smile - and a Healthier You
It’s remarkable that the interactions between oral health and systemic conditions are well-documented but less known by the public than they should be. Continuing an effort to correct this, Matthew Messina DDS leads a spirited discussion of steps we can take to achieve brighter smiles and better overall health. The relationships between common dental problems and systemic conditions, including diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease will be explored. Join us as we have some fun and develop skills to smile all the way to a healthier you.
February 5, 2020 • Matthew J. Messina, DDS
Financial Wellness
Expanding Your Investment Portfolio
Having flexibility within your investments and investment types are key concepts to ensuring your financial independence. Learn about the different options of investment vehicles within OSU and outside to maximize your investment potential.
February 4, 2020 • Nate Quilter/COPEC
Parenting & Family
Gluten Free Kids
Does your child have a sensitivity to gluten or Celiac Disease? Following a strict gluten free diet can be a challenge for young and old alike, but it’s a challenge that can be overcome! This webinar will offer tips on how to safely follow a gluten free diet, whether at home, eating out, at school or other social events. Eating gluten free doesn’t have to be limiting or isolating. Diets can be gluten free and still full of goodness!
January 29, 2020 • Shannon Carter
Active Living
Stackable Habits to Live Better and Prevent Diabetes
Did you know that adult-onset diabetes may be prevented for 10-15 years? Learn how you can lose weight and lower the risk for diabetes. It’s about linking habits together.
January 28, 2020 • Carla Miller, PhD
Emotional Wellbeing
Fighting Stress With Food
Did you know that your daily food choices can affect your stress levels? Tune into this webinar with Mary Mosquera, RD to learn how to make food choices that will fight your stress, rather than add to it!
January 21, 2020 • Mary Mosquera Cochran, RD